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~Joining Forums~ OPEN

Post by lilypadlils on Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:08 pm

In order to apply, you'll need to make sure you fit these requirements:

► Basic grammar skills
► Respect
► Join the website as Your characters name

Please also try to follow the basic rules of the internet and remember to stay safe and have fun.

In order to join you will have to fill out our applications.

Clan Applications:

Clan of The Black Sand Application

The Great Whites Application

Wing of the Albatross

Once you finished your application, please fill out this form below:

[b]► Name:[/b]

[b]► Gender:[/b]

[b]► Clan:[/b]

[b]► Rank:[/b]

[b]► Age:[/b]

[b]► Appearance: Anything not covered in the picture can be mentioned here. [/b]

[b]► Personality: at least 8 sentences[/b]

[b]► History: at least 12 for a warrior[/b]

[b]► RP Sample: About a paragraph[/b]

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